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成都夜生活桑拿社区英文版介绍Do you often have such a habit of turning over microblogs or circle of friends while eating breakfast, replying to emails on the way to work, and constantly speeding up your pace, always wanting to complete in a limited time More things. Psychologists call this situation “group loneliness”, which means that although there are people around us, we are in a state of isolation and self, with no or lack of face-to-face communication between people.Writer Milan Kundera once expressed such feelings in a book called “Slow”. He wrote that Franklin’s famous saying “Time is life, time is money”, as the motto of the era of big industry, once influenced The whole world has inspired countless people to become a gear of social machines. More and more people have become slaves of time. How has the slow fun been lost?Share a story with you: There is a person who accepts the task arranged by God and lets him take a snail to go for a walk. He can’t go too fast, because the snail has tried to climb, but only move a little bit at a time, no matter this. How do people urge, scare and blame, the snail always looks at him with a sorry eye, as if telling him that he has tried his best.This person couldn’t help but wonder why God asked me to take a snail to go for a walk? He couldn’t help but yell “God, why?” But the sky is quiet. He thought that since God didn’t care, what else do I still care about, let the snail slowly climb forward, and I was sulking in the back. However, after he slowed down, he smelled the flowers, and there was a beautiful garden.Fast age and slow lifeHe felt the breeze blowing. The wind here was so gentle. He heard the sound of birds and insects. In the night he saw the stars. They were so beautiful and splendid. Why didn’t they realize these things that existed before? ? He suddenly realized that he had made a mistake himself. It turned out that God was letting the snail take a walk on his own, intending to let him slow down and give himself a little time to feel the scenery.Slow down in the spring, we can go to see the grass sprouts that have just taken the road, to see the wild flowers open, or squat down to smell the flowers, appreciate their posture in the wind. In the late autumn, we can go to see the flowers and flowers, the layers of forests are dyed, pick up a falling leaf to pinpoint Acacia, or borrow a breeze to blow away the pains and grudges. This is a completely different experience than going to a place to rush to take a landscape photo or take a selfie with friends.In fact, “slow” is an attitude, a way of life, and a ability. Slowly eating, thinking slowly, when we slow down, we need a calmer and calmer mentality, just as “slow life” Carl Horno pointed out that “slow life” is not to make you lazy, slow down Speed does not delay time, but allows people to find a balance in their lives.John Lennon once said that “when we are struggling for life, life has left us.” Too fast footsteps are easy to make people feel uncomfortable, and they can’t feel the beauty of life. CCTV host Bai Yansong once said: “The older you are, the less happiness you are. I miss the time when I was young.”What is happiness in the end? I am afraid it is difficult to say clearly at a time, but getting happiness especially requires us to slow down. In this era of rapid advancement, everything is amazing, and life is not a race of speed. We should consciously slow down the pace of life.Too slow life is also a trend, a fashion, and a rational attitude. Life is like a journey. It is not only the destination, but also the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery, including those who look at the scenery. This is the real life, not the simple living.There is a most ordinary sense of accomplishment that follows the initial heart and persists for a long time. You look for clues in the secret room of time, and there is no inexplicable excitement after learning the reason behind it. You don’t think that the result derived from the reason can get a high sense of accomplishment. You think, maybe you have done what you should do.I met the creation of the text in the junior high school period. Teacher Cai asked us to write a diary every day. I have always been a more obedient student. As long as there is no special situation, the diary will be completed very seriously. The teacher will take the homework and use the red pen to write a large “read” and date at the end of the diary.It is also a pleasant experience to record everyday stories and moods with immature writing. I also clearly remember that my words were tilted to the left forty-five degrees at the time, and the most terrible thing was that there were no punctuation. Or it is a “comic” in the end.At that time, I was caught in a strange circle that I couldn’t walk out. I always thought about some weird things: What is the meaning of people living? Why go to school? Where does the daily repetitive life extend? Why are you not happy? I put these thoughts in my heart, I dare not ask my classmates and teachers to explain my confusion, for fear of being laughed at or teaching a lesson, and sticking the label of “freak”.In this case, I have thrown all the confusion and incomprehension into the text, and I want to complete the redemption of the soul through the form of writing. Every time I was in a bad mood, I picked up my pen and quickly vented my inner feelings in the diary. Poor writing, but can find an export, is satisfied, the only regret is that the results have plummeted, but I do not regret it.If Mr. Cai’s idea is to guide me to the reasons for writing, then the various problems encountered in my study and life are the catalysts I have to write. After three years of high school silence, I picked up the pen again and published it. In my own space, even I did not think I could persist for so long.It was a summer of 17 years, and it didn’t take long for the college entrance examination to end. He screamed regularly at the treetops. I feel a little impetuous, can’t help open the phone, and then start to carefully code. After more than two years, I almost never stopped writing, sometimes because the mood fluctuated relatively, and I wrote four in one day.The university was the golden period of my writing. At that time, I was somewhat concerned about other people’s comments and praises. I always tried to write better articles, but I was a little tired. I like the feeling of crying or laughing when I write and think that this is the natural expression of truth, in order to make the text play its best.Today, I have written 1025 articles, sometimes reading them, and there is a taste in my heart that I can’t tell. These are the footprints of growth. I have seen the maturity of my thoughts and the transformation of life, and it continues to continue.When I was in junior high school, I wrote a diary to complete the homework assigned by the teacher, and there was also a hint of catharsis. The writing in college is to reveal the emotions that should be possessed, and to seal up the joys, sorrows and sorrows of life in the form of words. There is too much confusion and exploration in it. Maybe reading at different ages will make the inner feelings different.I thought about why I should pick up the pen, maybe I was afraid of losing some of the road signs I used to, and I didn’t want to be blinded by the time and felt that I had lived before. There is such a memory, there are some emotions, there are some stories, at least some of the shortcomings have been reduced.Writing is the most mundane sense of accomplishment, it brings me spiritual satisfaction, and persistence is the essence of it. I will continue to write down in the future, because since I chose, I will go seriously. I know that the true sense of accomplishment comes from the love of words and life and the persistent pursuit of persistence, and it continues.

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